I remember the moment i decided to become a photographer, I was in my first year as a business student at Visakhapatnam. It was early afternoon on a beautiful spring day and i relaxing on the lawn behind the Visakhapatnam watching a wedding couple with their photographer. At that time i was an avoid landscape photographer and spent a good part of my free time traveling all over Visakhapatnam taking pictures. It wasn't until that moment however that i knew how i wanted use the camera to make my mark.

I quickly realized that many of my personal goals could be met by pursuing wedding photography as a career. I could travel the world, meet interesting people, tread lightly on the environment and make a difference I photographed my first wedding shortly thereafter and the rest is history. Now, 6 years later i'm proud to be a photographer and part of this world class wedding photography company and to have the opportunity to work with a team of top photographers each day.

A man high on spirit, with an inherently burning need to showcase the subjects in the most beautiful manner to present it to the beauty beholder he is dedicated to producing photographs and videos with precision. He is paranoid about the quality conscience in the work he does. K.S. Sudhakara Rao is today one of the premier league photographers in the country. Within the professional fraternity, he is known more for his technical expending. Despite the average life of technology in photography domain getting bleak, he believes in exploring the potential of each technical artifact available in the market. He incessantly updates his business infrastructure, apart from continuously striving to find innovative ways of using technology.

To expand the reach of his services, he established Villart Photography, in the year 1990, with the then latest equipment. His appetite to try new technology has grown ever since. Today, Villart Photography is one of the most respected studios in all its business lines. With a growing team, 50 Professionals as on date, Villart Photography has an experience of shooting 1300 Weddings, 2200 Fashion assignments and 1,50,000 Portraits, and is fast expanding in its industry. Most of his clients are highly networked, and are also high net-worth individuals and families.

The journey of this man continues; headed in the direction of being a cult brand very soon, he with Villart Photography is making waves in the industry. Staying at the top end of the market, he has often shown creativity and dexterity in his job.
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